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Toronto FC’s Federico Bernardeschi tells Juventus fan he hopes to return to Italian club this winter

Sigh. Federico Bernardeschi's Torontonian Campaign of Regret is reaching fever pitch in recent days. Last week, the Italian Designated Player … Read More

Toronto FC legend Danny Dichio named new head coach of USL Championship club Detroit City FC

Danny Dichio always wanted to be a head coach. Toronto FC wouldn't give him the gig, so he moved on. Two years later, the TFC legend is now a … Read More

Ex-Toronto FC midfielder Jay Chapman signs for USL’s Hartford Athletic

Former Toronto FC midfielder Jay Chapman had a moment in South Florida with Inter Miami, a time in the Rockies with the Colorado Switchbacks, and … Read More

FC Cincinnati star Luciano Acosta wins 2023 MLS MVP

FC Cincinnati may not win MLS Cup, but star midfielder Luciano Acosta has been named 2023 MLS MVP. Acosta topped the league with 31 goal … Read More

MLS to vote in December on whether or not to add 4th DP slot starting in 2024: report

You won't find many Toronto FC fans who would argue that the club knows how to fill three Designated Player spots, let alone four. But Bill Manning … Read More

Houston Dynamo outlast Sporting KC to reach MLS Western Conference final

It's been a long time since Dwayne De Rosario made the Houston Dynamo a team that Canadian fans loved to watch. But the Dynamo might just be … Read More