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Anatomy of a Goal – Lorenzo Insigne vs. Minnesota United

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Anatomy of a Goal – Kosi Thompson’s Toronto FC match-winning goal vs. D.C. United

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Anatomy of a Goal: Austin striker Gyasi Zardes’ last-minute winner vs. Toronto FC

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MLS player salaries revealed: Lorenzo Insigne second on list, Michael Bradley takes hefty pay cut

Toronto FC leads the league... in payroll. The MLSPA’s semi-annual Players Salary Guide was released on Tuesday. Toronto FC overtook Atlanta … Read More

Anatomy of a Goal — CF Montréal’s Lassi Lappalainen vs. Toronto FC

During MLS Rivalry Week, Toronto FC and CF Montréal faced off for the second time in 5 days. The 401 Derby, The Canadian Classique, The Two … Read More

Why does Toronto FC have so many injuries?

As Toronto FC enters Week 12 of the 2023 MLS season, the number of injured players keeps growing.  Here’s an updated list from Thursday’s … Read More