Sigh. Federico Bernardeschi’s Torontonian Campaign of Regret is reaching fever pitch in recent days.

Last week, the Italian Designated Player admitted that his summer 2022 move to BMO Field was “probably the wrong project.”

Now, he’s telling Juventus fans that he hopes to return to the club as soon as possible.

The 29-year-old, who is on holiday back in his former home city of Turin, visited Juventus‘ training centre on Wednesday and, after visiting his former teammates and coach Massimiliano Allegri, he stopped his car outside the training ground to sign autographs for Bianconeri supporters.

While signing, he was asked by a fan if he would return to the club in January, and Bernardeschi replied: “I hope so.” That echoed comments he made last week to Italian media, when he said “I developed as a man and as a footballer at Juventus. A piece of my heart has remained there.”

The Italian has changed his tune after insisting in previous weeks that he wants to help the team improve. New head coach John Herdman has been typically forthright in telling the media that he will have conversations with all of TFC’s players and if they are not 100 percent all-in on the club’s future, they’re out.

From the public noises increasingly coming from Bernardeschi, it sounds like he’s got one foot in the Out camp and is ready to take the final step.

“It was not like everyone expected, starting from the club. We have had many difficulties, there have been changes of coaches and probably it was the wrong project,” Bernardeschi admitted last week

Since signing for the Reds, Bernardeschi has had three different managers and just eight league wins. It’s enough to make any carefully manicured, perma-tanned, homesick European champion want to jump ship.

Frankly, facilitating a Bernardeschi departure would help TFC in many ways, not least by freeing up a bunch of cap space to help Herdman’s rebuild. Sure, he ended the year as the team’s leading scorer but a) there were slim pickings and b) it’s very much getting to seem like the burden of his presence outweighs the benefits of him staying.

What do you make of Bernardeschi’s comments? Are we at endgame for the Italian?