The New York Red Bulls’ festive ticket deal for the upcoming season’s first home game has a caveat hidden in the fine print: if it’s the Messi game, then it isn’t part of the package.

On Tuesday, the Red Bulls sent out an email to customers offering a two-match “Holiday Pack” that includes the first home game of the next season and the derby against local rivals New York City FC. Ticket pack prices vary from $98 for upper corners/endline, $125 for corner endline/upper sideline, $174 for sideline A/upper center midfield, and $495 for club seats.

However, there’s a footnote next to the home opener, and the email’s fine print clarifies: “If RBNY plays Inter Miami in the home opener, each home opener ticket will be swapped with a ticket to RBNY’s 2nd home match.”

The MLS released its schedule on December 20 last year. With this year’s MLS Cup scheduled for December 9, we’re likely to see a similarly timed release this year.

The Red Bulls’ front office declined to comment, as reported by multiple sources.

The trend of ticket prices and availability surging when Messi is slated to play isn’t exclusive to the Red Bulls. The Columbus Crew also announced that tickets for their home game against Inter Miami next season will cost between $382 and $679. Fans could get a ticket to most Crew home games during the next regular season for as little as $40.

The Crew have set a minimum price of $382 for its home game against Miami, with better seats going for $421 and $679. In comparison, tickets for regular Crew games this year could be purchased for as low as $40, or even less as part of a season ticket package.

Messi scored against the Red Bulls in his MLS debut on August 26, his only goal in six league games.

The ex-Barcelona superstar was injured during Argentina’s 1-0 World Cup qualifying victory over Brazil on Tuesday, but will have plenty of time to recover before his first full MLS season.