Well, so much for that idea.

After talk in recent days from Italian media that Serie A club Lazio could look to sign Toronto FC’s lucratively-paid Designated Player Lorenzo Insigne, Lazio’s president says no.

Claudio Lotitio told Tag24, per TMW, that the talk of a potential move for Insigne is “a bit silly.”

“There is no truth that I know of, I have to be honest,” Lotito said. “It’s not reached me, that’s all I can tell you…

“Look, they haven’t said anything to me about it. You should speak to the sporting director. I don’t know if they have explored that option. At the moment, I’m not aware of those facts… I don’t think so, it seems a bit silly to me.”

Insigne is currently back in Italy and visited his former club, teammates, and reinstated head coach Walter Mazzarri at Napoli’s training ground this week, reports Football Italia.

Corriere dello Sport had reported that Lazio were interested in signing the 32-year-old but that there were several obstacles (presumably financial in nature) to overcome, even though Insigne was allegedly willing to take a pay cut to secure the move and work with his former Napoli head coach Maurizio Sarri and Italian amico Ciro Immobile.

Apparently not, after all.

But Insigne did reportedly change his representation this month, for the second time in the last six months, which is something you don’t do if you’re happy with your situation.

Insigne might be getting the bag from MLSE but it hardly seems he’s happy with life in Toronto. At least not from a soccer perspective. Both he and the club insist he will be a key part of John Herdman’s team next season. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. Many fans may well hope it’s not.