It’s over. Thank the maker. Time to tie a soaking wet, mildewed bow on the single worst campaign in club history, by every conceivable metric. Truly one for the record books.

And now we move, directly into the most important off-season in club history. The Emperor, he has no clothes. This club now has to work under the Omni and Ever present microscope of a fractured fanbase to basically rebuild itself from the sub-basement to the top-floor rotating restaurant, while strangled with far too many albatross contracts and general flotsam to even hope that a single off-season under the myriad and draconan MLS roster rules will be enough.

The dark times ain’t over. In many ways, they’ve just begun.

Good times.


Season’s over. It’s over. Exhale…

The club at least attempted a proper send-off for MB4, points for trying, I guess (More on that later)… For the first 15-20 minutes, we looked decent out there… Kobe Franklin; Baller… Alonso Coello; taking all the notes from MB4 and really starting to look like his successor (because you simply cannot replace Michael Bradley, you can only succeed him)… Sean Johnson, back between the sticks… The fact that we, the fans, got the chance to say goodbye to the greatest to wear the badge:


MB4 got 15-20 minutes in the midfield, on his last game, and was forced to play CB for the majority, because the “lower body injury” fairy is actually a gremlin and chaos is always on the menu… 15-20 minutes of decent quality means bunk in a 90+ minute game… It’s “BITCHY” the Hawk, not “PITCHY”, you cowards! (and it’s “Nutmeg” the squirrel, while we’re here)… No Toques!!!! (I understand Kia is no longer a title sponsor and that was their thing, I guess, but come on! Get Unico to step up or something, it’s not like a car company has the exclusive on free touques)… 75% off, and I still don’t want the half-and-half harlequin kit.


MB4’s official game-day send-off. WTF happened? It was rushed and patchy before kick-off and then at 15′ into the game (EDIT – I stand corrected. It was actually at 4’ in. 4 for MB4? Get it? Get it?! Please tell us you got it!) we got an unceremonious dump of his ‘special highlight reel’ on mute while the game went on. MY GAWD, MAN, OF ALL THE THINGS TO EFF UP…

That’s the coldest I’ve ever been at BMO ever, and it’s completely my fault. I dressed/layered up for the sweaty rock concert right after the game, so this boy was shuddering out there in the breeze off the lake… Aime Mabika is useless. Sorry, not sorry… At least one CB on the bench and the answer is moving MB4 back to cover? On his last game? OF COURSE HE WAS GOING TO GET TORCHED BY THE SUPER-SUB and then be on the hook for both goals. HE’S. NOT. A. CENTRE. BACK. Why remind us of this on his way out the effing door? Show the man the respect he deserves!!!… No DP’s on the field to celebrate the fans and MB4 after the final whistle – now there is a world where MB4 told them specifically to stay away from his team photo, and I maybe would do the same in his shoes – but the optics. OMFG, the optics.

Not sure I’m feeling the Herdman era at this club if he’s going to follow in Terry’s footsteps of useless platitudes like “They put in a shift” and “There were positives”. Mr. Herdman, with respect, none of those things happened. We all have eyes. Sure, we looked “decent” for 15-20 minutes, but that’s nothing to celebrate. I hope that’s the last time we see this insane “everyone gets a participation sticker” logic at this club.

We suck. Everyone can see it, Stop insulting everyone’s intelligence, please. Take the training wheels off if you are here to reset the culture. Missing out on the playoffs in this era of MLS is laughable. EVERY TEAM GETS IN UNLESS YOU ARE BEYOND AWFUL. WE ARE BEYOND AWFUL. It’s time to be honest here. Brutal, even. No more kid gloves.