Last night sucked. That’s not really a hot take, right? Because boy oh boy, I dished out some of those from my seat at BMO.

Listen. I think it was a HUGE MISTAKE to start Berna. Not because I “hate him” (though I’m admittedly getting closer with every new wrinkle on vaping and battling with MB4) but because how do you reconcile changing any part of the team that won on Saturday? That squad did things. We made (unnecessary) changes and saw more of the same listless, rudderless mess we’ve seen all season(s). If no one is bigger than the badge and our record is 14 wins from 55 games played (!!!!!), it seemed to me a no-brainer to start the exact same starting XI as both a reward and an attempt to maybe win twice at home for the first time in years.

But, honestly, what the hell do I know? I’m just a boy, standing in 30-degree weather with the sun beating down, asking his soccer club to start playing soccer.


509 Streetcar was HUMMING both ways… The Kids: I know we all miss the Shaffelgods and Part-Time Models, but maybe, just maybe, Bob kept the diamonds (but should lose the Diomande)? Yeah, they are excelling (or at least making impressions) in other places around the league, but those other teams are playing styles that better serve their skill sets. Those players we have left seem to be pretty good at Bradley-ball… Chance Creation: While I’m remiss to use the word “elite” to describe any facet of this current team, I cannot find a better descriptor…

You know what? He’s right! This is a game of inches and for what feels like an eternity, TFC has teetered on the knife edge between modest success and failure. By definition: Mid.


Nobody expected TFC’s ceiling to be Mid. Nobody imagined fighting for 1-0 victories with the Chicago Fire. Ok, maybe some of you did, but I sure AF didn’t… Can this team play with two Ferraris? I KNOW IT’S A SMALL SAMPLE SIZE. FFS, Our Preferred Starting Line-up has played together what, 10 games in 2 years???!!!! We are Small Sample Size FC… I really, REALLY, want to understand what Bob’s doing, but I really, REALLY don’t get starting Berna last night, unless he has a “he’s fit, he plays” clause in his contract… Kei Kamara almost Kei Kamara’ed us again… Feels like another “two steps forward, 18 steps back” and it’s becoming habitual at Tee Eff Cee.


Something has to change, and I honestly don’t know what, how much, etc. Did I prefer the Lorenzo on Saturday to the one last night? F yes! How do we ensure we see that Lorenzo on the regular? Should we be bending this far backward to service any player, especially ones that have been inconsistent and disappointing? End of the day, do we trust ANYONE at TFC, from the top down?… This team is a mess of ego and hubris… Looking at our stats over the last two seasons is an exercise in pain… A double Whiskey and Ginger is the better part of 25 dollars… They need to do a Loonie Dog Night at BMO yesterday… Was that Richie’s last game in a TFC shirt??