They say you can’t judge a man by how he speaks when life is good, but by how he responds when life throws him adversity.

Lorenzo Insigne has seen more drama at Toronto FC this season than in an Italian soap opera. But after Saturday night’s visit from D.C. United brought with it a rare victory, it also brought with it an even bigger surprise… Insigne spoke to the media.

Let’s recap the week one last time. After the stoppage-time defeat to Austin, Federico Bernardeschi called out his team for being devoid of tactics and ideas, without directly naming head coach Bob Bradley. The veteran gaffer responded by publicly stating that his star forward was “out of line” but that the matter had been dealt with inside the change room, only to then reveal on Friday that he had made a “coach’s decision” that Bernardeschi would not be a part of the matchday squad on Saturday night.

After all of that drama, Insigne lived up to the role of acting captain and sat at the post-match press conference table to face the media for the very first time this season.

Amongst many topics, Insigne addressed several of the claims in Josh Kloke, Tom Bogert, and Paul Tenorio’s article in The Athletic, including the most damning one; that he is unhappy at Toronto FC and no longer wants to play for head coach Bob Bradley.

“I’m very happy with the club, I’ve always been happy with the club,” Insigne said through an interpreter. “I’m happy with the coach as well. There have never been no arguments with the coach. I’m here to help the young players learn.

“My family is also very happy here as well. I’m here to tell you whatever the truth is, I’m happy,” the translator summarised.

Those words should come as relief to many TFC fans who had worried that Insigne might be pushing for a move when Turkish reports in March first claimed that Galatasaray were looking to “rescue the Italian from MLS,” long before any of this latest drama. For those that thought Bernardeschi’s exclusion and reports that the two Italians were trying to lead a coup to get Bradley sacked would have damning repercussions on Insigne, the sight of the former Napoli captain wearing the blue captain’s armband for TFC was also a relief. So was how well he played.

“We went down to play today, and when Federico returns, he’s a great champion and you’ll see him again on the pitch,” Insigne said. “It was a very important win this week. We needed the three points. We’re glad that we won. It was a very difficult week, a lot of things were said about the club and about us, but it was very important for us to stay together.”

Insigne looked like a player motivated and driven, perhaps moreso than we’ve ever seen in a Toronto FC shirt.

The Italian assisted both of TFC’s goals Saturday night and his passion was evident in the goal celebrations and at the final whistle which also brought with it a massive sigh of relief after D.C. United broke Sean Johnson’s clean sheet courtesy of Christian Benteke and were threatening to equalize. It’s not easy to win games in this league, something Insigne admits he’s had to learn over the last 10 months.

“I didn’t expect MLS to be as difficult as it is, and I’m learning every day and trying to adapt to it. But, like I said, I’m very serene here, and I’m very happy here, and I continue to want to be happy and to continue to learn and train with my teammates.”

Winning cures all ailments, and for one night at least TFC remembered how good it feels to win again.