Ugh. Nuff said.


I’m officially on holiday for a week – couldn’t come quickly enough… We’re going to see changes because we have to… No fights at Stade Saputo.


A frayed fanbase. We are better than internecine fighting… I still don’t understand the lack of (extra, or any) security at both grounds for a derby match. Are you new? This reeks of cost-cutting and then blame-throwing. There is an onus to provide for a safe space from ALL parties. Transgressions have been made, but don’t make it into a whole bunch of people in glass houses throwing megaphones, be better. Set the standard…


I don’t even know what to say anymore. No fight. No tactics. No identity. No logic. Anti-reality. Have you ever seen a player tossed off, only to return 45 minutes later, still fully dressed, for the handbags at the end? Yeah, me neither, because it’s absolute insanity. JMR can expect some kind of suspension on top of the standard one, amidst a major injury crisis, when it’s supposed to be all hands on deck. I cannot anymore. I raise my hand. I don’t understand. No ellipses. Make it make sense.